Upper Manya Krobo District Assembly

FLASH NEWS / HIGHLIGHTS . . . Minister allays fears of residents over Sekesua roads  || Bormase school gets new school block.  ||  Assembly hands over school block to two schools  ||   879 youths get jobs.  z||  2,300 uniforms for schools kids.  ||   28,000 dollar project commissioned.  !!  Akateng new police post to be ready soon



Welcome to Our Assembly

Upper Manya Krobo District with its capital Asesewa forms part of the new districts and municipalities created in 2008 by the Ex. President J.A Kufuor. The district is located within latitudes 60 20" North and 6050" North and longitudes 00 30" West and 00 00" West.

The district shares boundary with the Volta Lake in the north, Fanteakwa District in the west, Asuogyaman District in east, Yilo Krobo District in the south-west and Lower Manya Krobo in the south-east.

The estimated population of Upper Manya Krobo District as at 2000 stood as 89,646 people see more

Hon. Joseph Tetteh Angmor District Cheif Executive
Mr. Tando District Cordinator
Mr. Nomo Presiding Member